Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Costumes!

How much do you love Halloween? For us, this year, it's all about our baby girl. We have a beautiful 13 month old that will be dressing up as a butterfly! I can't wait to see her walking around in her costume trick or treating!

At Kelly's Korner this week, everyone is showing off their Halloween costumes, past or present.

Brit and I also have costumes, and mine is a surgeon. Yes, it is easy for me to get scrubs and any supplies I would need since I work in an ICU at a hospital. So my costume will be very complete! However, I must admit that it's not the perfect costume.

I would really like to do something next year where Brit and I have 'couples' costumes. Maybe you guys can help me convince her! Her are the options I would LOVE to do!

Here is the first:


I think we'd be perfect Pirates! I think she'd be open to this one. At least I'm not picking a wench ;)


Gladiator and 300 are just racing through my mind with these! Can you tell a guy is picking out these costumes yet? Love this pair!

Star Wars

Now, this is the one that might take some convincing...Brit absolutely HATES Star Wars. HATES it! And on top of that, there are a couple fairly risque Leia costumes...but I guess that's just the Star Wars nerd in me coming through. Still, if I could manage to get her to agree to one of these costumes, it would be a great Halloween!

Has anyone ever done any of these combos before? If so, leave me a comment and let me know how it worked out!

Also, don't forget to comment so I can come see your Halloween costumes as well! I love getting more ideas!


Jenna said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Savi in her Halloween Costume! Great Ideas for costumes! I vote pirates!

Heather said...

So do you have 2 blogs?? I am so confused!! I have always wanted to be Princess Leia, just as soon as I have the perfect body! :)

Khordaddy said...

My wife and I each have a blog ;) We frequently participate in the same blog events!

Walker Family said...

My husband is also a Stars Wars nut, so he picked our family costumes this year. Our 5 month old was Princess Leia, he was Anakin and I was Padma. You can see a pic on our blog.