Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Baby Gear

Of all the baby gear we have used so far, this is my list of the best baby gear. At Kelly's Korner this week, it's all about showing off your favorite baby gear! Little did I realize how much I would use the things I didn't think I would, and how little I used the things I thought I'd use all the time.

So, in no particular order, here is my list:

1. Baby Bjorn

I carried our baby girl in this all the time! It really helped when I needed to get stuff done around the house when she was still tiny. I think I took that carrier just about everywhere with me. We still have it, and it's in perfect condition for baby #2!

2. Boppy
The boppy we have still sees use even though my wife is done breastfeeding (who breastfed for a whole year...way to go, baby!). Savi still lies on it occasionally to drink her milk when watching TV. A Boppy is an absolute must for anyone who has a baby in my opinion.

3. Bumbo
Another 'B' word baby gear, the Bumbo was a lifesaver when it came to feeding our baby girl. Before she was able to sit in her high chair, we would feed her baby food in this. Not to mention how convenient it was to pack this up for trips when we needed to leave the high chair at home!

4. Pacifier Holders
Man, I can't tell you how many pacifiers we lost. I thought they'd be easy to keep track of...but oh no, they just seem to fly away. That and it was fun for baby girl to throw them as far as possible from her crib. I'm still finding pacifiers here and there that have been missing for months! The pacifier holders cured all our problems and we still have the same pacifier on it that we started with. It hooks onto Savi's shirt, and she wears it for bed time, car rides, and other occasions. The passy is always right there so she never loses it!

5. Pyrex Measuring Cup
Not really baby gear you say? Hah! This was and still is my sole bottle warmer! Fill with water, put in the microwave, get the water hot, then pull out and put the milk bottle in. Easy! Not only is it a great bottle warmer, but it's still perfect for cooking, too! And yes, we have an actual bottle warmer, but it doesn't come close to being as efficient as my trusty Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup is.


Jordan Sanders said...

I love my pyrex 2cup mesuring cup as well! I use it warm the bottle, but I also warm it up- add soap and use the warm water to clean bottle supplies.

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Thanks for your mommy feedback on all the products! I'm due in January :)

Brandi said...

We love our bumbo. I have never thought about warming a bottle like that.

Summer said...

The pyrex also had been my best friend when my almost 3 year old was little! I would take it over the bottle warmer anyday!