Sunday, October 18, 2009

Babies and Not Me! Monday

Babies, babies, and more babies! My NICU has seen so many babies the last couple months. The sad thing is, we have seen so many premature babies...and multiples at that. Multiples? Yes! Twins and triplets to be precise. Normally, twins and trips are absolutely adorable and I love having them in our unit, but not when they are so premature. It's such a hard little life for them.

Due to certain HIPPA rules, I can't really go into too much detail, but I can say that recently we have had to say goodbye to more than a few of our tiny babies. Some go for surgery, and others find their way to Heaven...but regardless, it's very hard no matter which path they take.

My heart yearns for the parents. I've not had to go through having a baby in the NICU, but I am immersed in it every day I am at work. While you have to stay focused and professional to deliver the best care for a baby, you cannot help but become just a little emotionally invested in the tiny child and their family. My prayers go out to all those parents and families finding themselves surrounded by these circumstances.

Although it has been bleak of late, ultimately our NICU sees a very high ratio of growing, successful premature and sick infants that graduate from our unit and go on to lead healthy, normal lives. It is an amazingly rewarding experience, and I pray that each baby that comes into our unit reaches that full potential.

Whew, that said, on to Not Me! Monday!

If you are not familiar with Not Me! Monday, head over to MckMama's blog to join in on the fun! I have been participating in Not Me! for quite some time now, so I know once you head over, you'll be returning to visit MckMama and her family time and time again!

Earlier tonight, I most definitely did NOT blow my nose in my sock I had taken off because I couldn't find a kleenex. I know, I know...gross. Believe me, my wife informed me as much, and was not shy about expressing her disgust!

Our cat, who is 1.5 years old, did NOT pee in our daughter's crib and on her blanket. Big problem, we're looking at permanent solutions to remedy this. Largest thing I feel is he needs another cat to play with. I'm sure I'll hit this topic again in the future.

This morning, I did NOT turn on the radio on my drive to work and catch myself singing to "Natural Woman", which was playing on the oldies station. As soon as I did NOT catch myself mouthing the words, I quickly turned my CD player on to Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson to man-up for a bit.

And just now, I definitely did NOT drool a bit as I yawned from sleepiness and typing this post at 1221am. See, I know I won't type it in the morning since baby girl will keep me busy. Have to post when I can!

All kinds of attractive qualities for me, huh?


Shelly said...

Laughing :D That was a great post.

Kari @ p.s. said...

I'm not sure I could work in the NICU. You have to have a heart to be there. I would cry all the time, I think.
Thanks for stopping in today -
I use to be a people pleaser, but it left me stressed and stepped on a lot. Don't get me wrong, I am kind and I would never intentionally cause strife or offend somebody - but as I like to say, "I'm no longer in bondage to people." It's taken me about 4 years of really working on it, but it's wonderful. It's liberating :o)
Photographic - I wouldn't say that. I can't read something then remember every word I just read, but you bring something up - even from 20 years ago and I can remember vividly everything about that moment. What I wore, what the people around me wore, the weather, if a song was playing, how the air smelled, what perfume I was wearing, the exact words that were spoken. It's like I see a movie replaying in my head. It makes people nervous, especially my husband - haha!

Walker Family said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. We have had a couple of cats do the same thing as yours. We've tried several different things, but did find at least initially that they had some type of urinary infection. If you haven't ruled that out yet, that would be where I'd start (it's the easiest to fix since it's not really behavioral). Hope you find something that works for the cat. And yes, the sock thing is gross. Did you learn that from your daughter or vice versa?