Thursday, October 8, 2009

Go Cowboys!

At Kelly's Korner this week, everyone is sharing about their favorite sports teams, tailgate traditions, etc. For me, when it comes to sports, I live and breathe the Dallas Cowboys. Since I am from the Dallas area, I also love the Rangers (baseball), Mavericks (basketball), and Stars (hockey). Unfortunately, we have not been a city of championships lately, but more a city of *choke*.

But I remain optimistic! Since I am such a huge Cowboys fan, it is hard when I have to miss watching their games on the weekend. With my work schedule as it is, I find I am often unable to watch them on TV unless it is a Sunday or Monday night game.


At work, since I work in the NICU, I work with a majority of women. There are a grand total of 2 men on the day shift, not including myself, and one is a doctor, so he is not there as frequently as the nurse, who is the other.


The nurse and I make a bet every week on the Cowboy game. I bet the 'boys will win, he bets they will lose. He loves the Cowboys, but his theory is if he bets for them, they always he bets me they will lose, thus reversing the jinx. Doesn't work every time, and we both end up winning about 50% of our bets. Oh, and the stakes...wait for it...a coke ;)

As far as tailgating goes, there's not much around us that would have something like that, so I have to settle for watching the game on my couch with my football food (almost always complete junk food). I'd love to go to a game, but the tickets at the billion-dollar stadium that just got built are a little bit too expensive. That, and parking is about another $40 or so. Too rich for my blood.

Looking forward to seeing what teams everyone else supports! Go Cowboys!


Cassie said...

That new stadium is amazing! Stinks that it makes the fans unable to see games though :(

I am a Redskin pro-fan (and a Bengal fan) but I still hope you win your cokes ;)

Heather said...

My dad is a huge Cowboys fans! Their new stadium is unbelieveable!
Do you watch the DCC on CMT, I love watching!! :)

Summer said...

That stadium is awesome! We are big Steelers Fans but we like the Cowboys too! Hope you still win your cokes :0)