Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Before our baby girl was born, it was my absolute favorite, even more so than Christmas. The food, the family, I don't know...I love it! Now that our baby girl is 1, Christmas is going to surge to the top as my favorite holiday for quite some time, I'm sure.

At Kelly's Korner this week, everyone is supposed to share their Thanksgiving traditions or holiday recipes. I'm going to share our family's tradition.

Just about every Thanksgiving, we head to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to a cabin resort called Red Bud Valley. Nestled away in the Ozarks, it is the perfect escape this time of year. Not only that, but it's close to the Old Town Historic District of Eureka Springs, full of shopping and restaurants. It's a great place to take a family.

Normally we head up there for a several days, spending Thanksgiving at the cabin and enjoying the Ozarks, then heading into town on Friday for shopping, food, and shows.

If you haven't been to Eureka Springs, it's definitely something you should consider!

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving trips there...

And now for the Thanksgiving LAST girl's first Thanksgiving in Eureka Springs!

Who Needs Tweets?

Yeah, I'm not a huge tweeter, butthe concept is here is a tweet post!

0346 - Baby up and awake in her crib crying. Got up to go get her. Hungry. Got milk. Fourth time she has woken up tonight. Wonder why...

0630 - Wake up time now. Baby girl is completely happy. She is going "ruff ruff ruff ruff" like a dog. My mom taught her that. So cute!

0649 - Wife is taking a bath before work and baby girl is reaching over the edge to play with the bubbles. Now she is wiping bubbles all over the wall. Time for Sesame Street.

0655 - Sesame Street on. Super Grover and Elmo to the rescue. Horatio the elephant just might be the most annoying Sesame Street puppet I've ever seen. Love all the rest...but Horatio is just testing my nerves!

0723 - About to go get baby girl breakfast. Sesame Street at ice skating school. Brit in the bathroom doing her hair. I can see her arms moving back and forth straightening her hair, but that's about it. Man I look gross. Need a shower.

0828 - Grapes and bananas for breakfast. Found dog poop and pee on the floor. My fault. Didn't latch the crate properly last night. Very frustrating. Baby girl is drinking her milk now watching Clifford the Big Red Dog. Won't be long before she is ready for her first nap. Then it's off to work on the blogs for me!

1024 - Baby girl woke up from her morning nap. I can hear her in her room through the monitor. She keeps saying uh-oh and a bunch of other baby ramblings. Precious baby words. Think I'll let her talk a bit more before I go get her. She seems to be entertaining herself.

Baby girl after her nap.

1036 - Baby girl and I are in my bedroom and she is chasing me around as I try to take her picture. No such thing as posing just yet...

1123 - Eating lunch girl is having a hot dog with apple cinnamon cheerios and grapes. Still deciding what I am going to have. I have some rotel queso in the fridge I might make something with...

1245 - Baby girl getting tired. Watching Happy Feet. She is dancing and singing along with Gloria.

1300 - Nap time.

1428 - Still sleeping. Bugles and spaghetti O's sitting in front of me for lunch. High quality meal, huh? Need some more water...drank mine too fast. I think when baby girl wakes up we will go outside and have a backyard adventure.

1452 - Daughter awake. Talking lots. Sweet rambling, high pitched, baby girl voice! Now she's saying Dah-ddy. I am being summoned!

1619 - My mom came over for a bit to visit. Baby girl loves her Mims! Now she is down for a 3rd nap! I didn't think she'd need one, but she was practically falling all over herself. Maybe it's that rough night last night...we'll see how that affects tonight's sleep.

1649 - Baby awake again. 30 minute nap. Time to cook dinner.

1754 - Chicken, green beans, and more grapes for baby girl for dinner tonight. Then we took a shower (Yes, a shower! She loves them!). After we were all dried off and walking to the bedroom to get our pajamas on, somebody promptly took a pee on the floor. GOing to clean up the mess right now...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Girl Halloween Pics!

It's overdue and a little late, but here are our baby girl's Halloween pics! She went as a butterfly. Brit got the costume at Gymboree I believe. There was a set of antennae to go with it, but I think they had difficulty keeping them on her head.

Savannah had two different times to trick or treat. Lucky girl! On Friday night, we went to Brit's mom's work and they had their whole office converted into an area all the kids of the employees could trick or treat at. Was lots of fun!

And on Saturday night we got out about 730pm or so, which was right at her normal bed time. But you wouldn't have girl was allover the place alking straight down the sidewalk from house to house.

I was lucky enough to get home from work in time for the trick or treating, so I was able to walk around with Brit and Savi. Our first true Halloween and I'll never forget it!