Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Before our baby girl was born, it was my absolute favorite, even more so than Christmas. The food, the family, I don't know...I love it! Now that our baby girl is 1, Christmas is going to surge to the top as my favorite holiday for quite some time, I'm sure.

At Kelly's Korner this week, everyone is supposed to share their Thanksgiving traditions or holiday recipes. I'm going to share our family's tradition.

Just about every Thanksgiving, we head to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to a cabin resort called Red Bud Valley. Nestled away in the Ozarks, it is the perfect escape this time of year. Not only that, but it's close to the Old Town Historic District of Eureka Springs, full of shopping and restaurants. It's a great place to take a family.

Normally we head up there for a several days, spending Thanksgiving at the cabin and enjoying the Ozarks, then heading into town on Friday for shopping, food, and shows.

If you haven't been to Eureka Springs, it's definitely something you should consider!

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving trips there...

And now for the Thanksgiving LAST girl's first Thanksgiving in Eureka Springs!


Jenna said...

love your traditions! Looks so fun! I would LOVE to go there!

Summer said...

Wow that cabin is amazing! It's great that now ya'll can pass the tradition down to your daughter! The pics of your wife and baby are so precious! :0)

Kickin' Kari said...

what at neat family tradition!!! Very beautiful pictures!
I'm excited for christmas too just because my son will be excited this year, last year he was too little to understand but this year will be fun! I'm really lookin forward to it!

BOWquet said...

Your pictures are amazing! And the header is so cute. :)

noahandlylasmommi said...

those photo's are beautiful. looks like a great place to spend Thanksgiving!