Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Girl Halloween Pics!

It's overdue and a little late, but here are our baby girl's Halloween pics! She went as a butterfly. Brit got the costume at Gymboree I believe. There was a set of antennae to go with it, but I think they had difficulty keeping them on her head.

Savannah had two different times to trick or treat. Lucky girl! On Friday night, we went to Brit's mom's work and they had their whole office converted into an area all the kids of the employees could trick or treat at. Was lots of fun!

And on Saturday night we got out about 730pm or so, which was right at her normal bed time. But you wouldn't have girl was allover the place alking straight down the sidewalk from house to house.

I was lucky enough to get home from work in time for the trick or treating, so I was able to walk around with Brit and Savi. Our first true Halloween and I'll never forget it!

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Cassie said...

As always, your little princess is adorable! :) Glad you got home in time to spend the night with your girls!