Monday, October 12, 2009

Toddler Tales - Baby Girl's First Words

Since our baby girl is 13 months old, I thought I'd share a list of her entire vocabulary thus far, at least the word we can understand! She is just talking up a storm now, and more and more it is becoming a little bit more understandable with each day.

Here is the list of baby girl's words so far:
  • Ma-ma - Mommy (and sometimes Daddy too)
  • Da-da - Daddy
  • Na-na-na-na - Banana
  • Uh-oh - Uh oh, especially when she drops something to the ground
  • Wow - This one has become a lot more defined lately, especially when she likes something.
  • Ch-ahr - Chair, this is our newest addition. Just learned it this weekend.
  • Duhh - Duck, especially when referring to some of her bath toys.
  • Dah - Dog or Dale, since Dale is the name of our dog.
  • Key - Very short and precise, menaing 'kitty'
  • Yaye! - Yay!
There are many more words that she says consistently, but we haven't figured out what the mean quite yet.

What were the first words for your little ones? Anything complex, or unusual? Or did your baby/toddler mix words up?

Now, as usual on Monday's I try to participate in Not Me! Monday over at MckMama's blog. So today, I am doing a Not My Child! Monday.

My baby girl did not go number two in the bath for the first time this weekend, causing my wife to urgently rush to pull her out of the bathtub before she started playing with it. Not my child!

And it definitely wasn't my precious daughter who woke up early Sunday morning (we're talking 4am here) and decided she was hungry. But after she drank her milk in mommy and daddy's bed, she did not lie next to daddy and play with his face and hair saying sweet little mumbling baby talk. Not my precious child!

Finally, my baby girl does not have a very bad habit of dropping anything and everything she can, just to say to 'Uh Oh'. This is a bad habit she's getting in trouble for now, because of the items she's starting to drop.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Oops, MONDAY!


Cassie said...

Great Wednesday, did I sleep through Monday and Tuesday?! LOL :) I think that 4am feeding did you in too, lol!

Shelly said...

Visiting for Not Me...have a great day. Enjoyed your post..

Jenna said...

So Cute!! I love her vocabulary!!