Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Decorations

Brit always does a great job decorating our house with the seasons. All of our Fall and Halloween decor is out and it won't be long before Christmas makes its way out of the closet as well!

At Kelly's Korner this week, bloggers everywhere will be showing off their household fall decorations, so here is a little sample of what Brit has done for us!

fall decor

Our front door, complete with wreath and all. I think I need to sweep some...

fall decor

fall decor

Hanging from one of our doors.

fall decor

Dining room table centerpiece. We actually got this from my mom. Looks great, the photo actually doesn't do it justice!

fall decor

Kitchen table centerpiece. Of course, we have the butterfly present, the notorious fall icon ;) With Brit, everything is butterflies!

fall decor

Scarecrow by the fireplace. Looking way too peaceful to be made of straw and sitting by a frequently used flame thrower.

fall decor

One of our wall decorations. Have the different plates for different seasons and holidays!

What fall decorations do you have out?


Jenna said...

Looks Great! I love that plates! Where did you guys get that?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those plates in the last photo! so pretty. Everything else looks great too!
pk @ Room Remix

"Dove" said...

Lovely pictures! The table scape is wonderful.

Summer said...

I love the front door with the writing on it! How cute! The decorations make your entryway look so inviting! I also like the runner on your dining room table! Your wife did a great job! P.S. your daughter is super cute! :0)

Jessica said...

Such cute decor! I love the centerpieces!

Liz said...

Very pretty!