Monday, September 28, 2009

The Walking Toddler!

Our baby girl started walking last Friday! I guess we can't call her a baby anymore, though. Now that she is a walking one-year old, she has graduated to toddler! Of course, she's still my baby girl and I might still have to call her such, at least for a little while longer.

As we were playing in her playroom, she was standing holding two of her toys, then out of the blue, took about 5 steps towards me. I was shocked! I was so excited. No less than 5 minutes later, she then proceeded to stand and walk across the room!

Unfortunately, Brit had just left for work, so she didn't get to see our toddler's first steps. Not only that, but she wouldn't be back home until Sunday! She was headed on a weekend girl's trip with her friend Kristin. They headed to Sea World on Saturday, then visited with Kristin's family the next day. After a day with a 4-week old baby, baby fever seems to have crept back into her.

So, mommy didn't get to see our newly crowned toddler walk until Sunday. But it was well worth the wait. She was ecstatic!

Wondering why I have no pictures of our little one walking? Well, my thief of a wife stole the camera for her trip! Hah, that was okay though, because I managed to capture a few videos of her walking, which may have been even better!

The only problem with shooting video of our baby girl is that she LOVES it. So much, that any time she knows it is on, she speeds towards it, which consists of supersonic crawling speed. Hence, any time the camera 'beeps' on, she makes a beeline towards the camera.

I'll try and download the videos and post them up here once I manage to get out of bed...

Which leads me to...Not Me Monday! Head over to MckMama's blog for more Not Me's!
  • I am not writing this post in bed as my little girl watches Martha Speaks on PBS.
  • My wife did not literally just tell me that she is putting one of her shirts in the 'whites' laundry basket, but doesn't want it in the dryer the next time I do laundry. Hang up dry only she says.
  • I did not witness my daughter's first 'boo-boo' that resulted in a teeny, tiny smidge of blood. She cut the corner of her eye on a shampoo bottle, of all things, while in the shower with me. She was totally okay, but I still felt like worst dad of the year. Strange thing was that I was even holding her by the waist as she was standing to be washed, and she still fell forward. I caught her, but her head still bumped against her shampoo bottle, just in the perfect spot, I guess, to make a little cut. Boo to daddy. That said, she absolutely LOVES taking showers with either Brit or myself.
  • Our dog did not throw up what seemed like a small lake of water last night as he over drank. And he did not just throw up again in the bathroom no less than 5 minutes ago. No, he isn't sick, but he just drinks too fast.
  • Finally, I did not have a wonderful weekend with just my daughter as we let mommy have a weekend to herself! We had a great time!


Cassie said...

What an awesome milestone! Sorry about the first boo-boo, just shows that no matter how much you "baby-proof" kids are always going to find weird ways to get hurt!

Oh, and speaking from the daughter's outlook, it is OK if Dads want to think of daughters as "little girls" forever. Except in the teenage years we will beg you to forgo the title but mid 20's nothing makes us happier :)

Charity said...

Sounds like both of our girls have cuts in the corner of their eyes. Congrats on Savi walking, I know you are both really excited!!

Jenna said...

Congrats to have a walking child! I was so thrilled when Gavin started walking! It's the best!