Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Girl's First Birthday!

Savi is now one year old! I know it is cliche to say it, but I cannot believe how quickly time flies! It just seems like yesterday that I was holding this 6 pound baby in my arms. I can tell you one thing,'s been the best year of my life!

The day before Savi was born, I remember feeling very calm. Working in a Neonatal ICU for over 6 years left me feeling pretty comfortable with what was to come. We checked into the hospital, and Brit was given cervidil. That got things moving pretty quickly.

In the middle of the night, Brit woke up crying, in pain, obviously from the contractions. As we watched the monitor, they were coming pretty close together, maybe a minute or so, lasting for as long as 45 seconds. I don't think she remembers how much pain she was in. I had no sleep that night as I was holding her and helping her through the contractions.

About 6 am they wanted Brit to take a shower, which was very hard on her, as she couldn't stand or sit, because the contractions were becoming too intense. At 7 am they decided it was time for the epidural. Looking back on it now, she probably could have been given that an hour or two earlier. We had thought the contractions she was feeling were the moderate ones, with more intense, painful ones to come. Turns out, she was having the bad ones. Guess there's always something to learn.

So, with the epidural in, and Brit FINALLY able to get some sleep, I crashed on the couch. About an hour later I woke up to the nurse checking how far along Brit was, and she was complete and ruptured. She showed me the blood on her finger, and my immediate comment (half asleep) was, "Is there any meconium?" That's the NICU talking there.

Not 20 minutes later, the OB was in our room telling me Brit was going to deliver. I was shocked! I looked 'down there', and saw Savi's head already poking out! Brit hadn't even started pushing! The epidural was doing a fine job, that's for sure.

When we got ready to push, Brit gave one hard push, and half of Savi's head came out. One more push and she pretty much flew out. The OB actually had to move her hands back as Savi came shooting out. Good job, baby!

Savi was a perfect, happy, screaming baby, and I was so proud. Tears came to my eyes as it finally hit me, I AM A DAD!

There's just no describing how much joy a child brings to your life. Savi has become everything that Brit and I are about. I am so glad I am a daddy, and I cannot wait for the many more years to come!

Here's a few pics of baby girl along the way to her first full year! (Birthday party post to come tomorrow)

Just checked in!

Brit and Savi

3 weeks old

7 weeks old

5 months

6 months

9 months

11 months

1 year old!

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