Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Photos

Savi Girl's birthday party was perfect! Brit did a great job on planning the whole event out. We had a candy buffet and I grilled some hot dogs. Mostly close famil and friends came, but they sure did bring lots of great presents! Savi loved them all! Thanks guys for such great, thoughtful presents!

When it was time for the epic cake eating, our baby girl managed to eat most of the icing before realizing she had the ability to dig deep into the cake for more yummy goodness. It was great, her face was plastered with cake, so much that she even had a rosy tinge on her cheeks from the icing after we had her all cleaned up.

Since it was in such a short time frame, it's really all a blur to me. I know Savi had a great time, and we did too! Now, the big thing for me is coming this week. We will go to the pediatrician's office for her one year check-up. We also will find out if we are given the okay to turn the car seat around from rear-facing to forward-facing.

We have new car seats in, and these bigger car seats are secure when rear-facing, but they will be much, much more secure forward facing when I can attach all the extra latches and belts. Crossing my fingers our tiny girl weighs enough to let me do this, since a baby has to be one year old AND at least 20 or so pounds before they can be placed in a forward-facing car seat.

Okay, finally, here are some pics from the birthday party!

Not Me! Monday at MckMama's blog today! I definitely did not just hastily take apart and put back together our weight bench set in the last 20 minutes to sell it to someone off craigslist. I definitely was not embarrassed he came to pick it up while I was 10 minutes out of bed and my boxers. And I definitely was not in my boxers outside helping him load everything into his truck. Oh no, not me!

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bettyl said...

It looks like Savi enjoyed her special day!!