Monday, September 21, 2009

Preterm Infants

If you follow my blog you might know I work in an NICU. Recently, we got triplets and twins back to back, at a very early age. All 5 are doing very well, but it reminds me how fragile life is. As I see these tiny infants, some of who could fit in my two hands cupped together, I think of all the miracle babies out there and how each one has touched so many lives in so many special ways.

I really feel for these parents and count my blessings that I had a full-term, healthy baby. I cannot imagine what it would be like to love your baby so much, then have to leave your baby in a hospital, unable to bring him or her home to love and to hold. While NICUs help save babies and do amazing and extraordinary things, nonetheless it is still hard on parents.

When I am at home rocking my baby to sleep, I try not to take for granted the sweet ability I am able to have. Working in the NICU has truly given me a greater understanding of what some parents go through.

So, I encourage everyone out there to never take a day for granted and live and love to life's fullest possiblilities.

On a separate note, or maybe not, today is Not Me! Monday at MckMama's blog. It seems Stellan, who is no stranger to the ICU setting, is crawling! Congrats little man!

Yesterday, I came home from work exhausted. I definitely did not come home in a semi-grouchy mood. Definitely not me. And I know I did not come home and promptly wander over to the TV so I could watch the rest of the Cowboy game. I'm sure it wasn't me who ate dinner in front of the TV while my wife ate at the table. Such a man, right? I know, I'm a bum. :)

So, I didn't make up for my earlier mistake by watching the rest of the game in bed upstairs with my wife while she scrapbooked. Since our baby girl's room is right next to ours, and she was fast asleep, it wasn't me who was mouthing soundless cheers and jeers with arms flailing at the TV. Oh no, not me.

Ever had to watch a sports game and be as quiet as possible? I think it defies nature! Anyways, Cowboys lost, and I probably lost my fantasy football match as well. Rough football day for me.


Heidi said...

A healthy baby certainly is a blessing!

I think you should provide some video proof of your silent cheers..I bet they would be fairly entertaining!

April said...

I came across your blog via Not Me Monday on MckMama's site. First of all, congrats on the walking toddler! So much fun.

I just recently dealt with a NICU when my son was born. He spent 3 wks in the hospital when born full term with IVH-IV and a few other bumps along the way. (My blog gives all the details starting mid-July). Anyway, I have a whole new found respect for anyone who works in a NICU. It has got to be one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs. It is amazing what you guys do! Having never met you, I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do! You help people in a way that can never be expressed.

Anonymous said...

If my brother is watching a football game while the kids are sleeping, he will wear heavy mittens. That way if he forgets and starts clapping, the sound will at least be muffled.

I don't know how he prevents yelling though.