Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top Jobs for the Stay at Home Dad

As a stay at home dad, you realize that you have a full-time job in regards to child care and house maintenance. Working from home, however, is a route some stay at home dads must take in addition to their family and house duties. I, for one, am always keeping an eye out for job opportunities that allow me to earn additional income while at home.

Although childcare is a primary focus, with housework close behind, being a stay at home parent may not seem like there is room for anything else. In part, this is true, especially if there are infants and toddlers in the home. They require constant supervision, making additional work fairly impossible.

The trick is to find what work from home opportunities work for you, in the free time you have allotted. For myself, my free time lies around nap time and at night. That allows for certain work from home opportunities, while eliminating others.

For instance, during the day, I blog, and create websites. I get about 3 to 4 hours a day during nap times to work around the house, and then work on making money from the blogs and websites I make. This blog in particular is a family site meant for updating family and friends on our life, but also functions as an outlet for my views on fatherhood and being a husband. It is just something easy and fun to do in the short amounts of free time I have available.

There are other options to consider, though, including several full-time work at home jobs. The following is a list of 8 jobs that are perfect for the stay at home dad:

1. Web Designer

Designing and creating websites is a great way to make additional income from home, provided you know how to write the code. Usually provided a time table, this job can easily be done at any point where free time presents itself.

2. Medical Transcriptionist

Becoming a medical transcriptionist actually requires a certification, and many companies hiring work from home job seekers want experience. None the less, medical transcriptionists can make from $15 to as much as $30 an hour depending on experience and skill.

3. Medical Billing

Working in medical billing falls under the same lines as medical transcription, but is not quite as lucrative in terms of salary. Hourly rates can drift up to $20 an hour.

4. Daddy Day Care

One great option for a stay at home dad is to take on an additional one or two kids to watch. While many families are still uncomfortable with the idea of a daddy-run, in-home day care, there are still many families that are very open to the idea. Daily rates can be as much as $40 to $50 a day per child.

5. Call Center Representative

Having a home phone line is a must for this job. Many companies are outsourcing their call center help to at-home workers. As a stay at home dad, this job provides shifts at all times, so flexibility can be easy to find.

6. Data Entry Clerk

Entering information into a computer or database from home is increasingly finding its way into common stay at home jobs. Must have proficient computer skills.

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant in essence is an administrative assistant, filling all of the duties from home by computer or phone. Becoming more commonplace, business men and women in need of an assistant, but find themselves out of the office often, are resorting to hiring at home workers in lieu of hiring someone for the office.

8. Customer Service Representative

More and more companies are hiring their customer service reps to work at home. Again, having a home phone line is a must, and usually these jobs have set shifts, allowing for flexible hours. Choose night or day, either usually are available.

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