Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Party Craziness and Savi's Butterfly!

So, at Kelly's Korner this week, we are supposed to post up photos of our wedding party and flowers. Once again, since this is more themed for the girls, I'll post my wife's pics first. However, I did manage to scrounge up some of my photos of my groomsmen!

Brittany's maid of honor was her younger (and only) sister, Marissa. The rest of her bridesmaids were close friends she grew up with all the way through high school.

Brittany's flowers were Gerbera Daisies, her favorite!

All ready for Brittany's big day!

Marissa helping Brittany out. This is one of my favorite pics. Hmmm...I wonder why?

Almost there! On the way down! No turning back, baby!

My groomsmen giving me a hand. I have two younger brothers, Bryan and Chris. Bryan is 1 1/2 years younger than I am and Chris is 5 1/2 years younger. Bryan is helping me with my jacket.

The rest of my groomsmen were my cousins, except for one who was a friend. He originally was an usher, but my best friend got a job transfer last minute that prevented him from being at the wedding, so Travis was kind enough to fill in for him!

From left to right: Bryan (bro), cousin Joey, cousin Kyle, me, cousin Lee, Chris (bro), Travis

Waiting for my wife-to-be!

My groomsman actually timed the ceremony from the moment Brittany came up to when the pastor pronounced us man and wife. 7 minutes! I won't lie, both Brittany and I wanted a short ceremony. No fluff, just the sweet, intimate vows, joining us for eternity. It was perfect!

And as an added tidbit, since then, two of my groomsmen have since been married. My cousins Lee and Kyle, who are brothers, could not beat our 7 minute time! (Yes, we timed them as well.)

The whole party, including ushers, ring bearer, and flower girl!

Just to get a little Savi in here too, here she is playing with one of the many, many butterflies in the house. This one happens to have been real, but we have many, many others throughout our house. Brit loves her butterflies :)

And below we have Savi 'reading' Lady and the Tramp!

Hope everyone has a good day, and make sure to head over to Kelly's Korner for more wedding party and flower photos!


Hayley said...

Thanks for visiting Reflections of Grace!

Y'all had a beautiful wedding as well! I love the blue bridesmaids dresses - so pretty!

Kari said...

Love the blue dresses and your wife's gown. I could have guessed the favorite pic was your wife getting her garter on :o)
Beautiful wedding. Beautiful bride!
Thanks for stopping by mine today.