Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Daddy Oath

I am a dad. I am a father.

I am a protector and a guardian, keeping my baby safe from harm.

I am a guide, a true north, steering my little one along the path of life.

I am a mentor, a teacher, passing on all knowledge I have obtained.

I am a provider, for the health and well being of my family.

I am open arms, for all the hugs my daughter will give.

I am a comfort, a security blanket, for when my daughter needs the luxury of reassurance.

I am a disciplinarian, to show my girl the paths of right and wrong, to reveal the consequences of bad decisions, and the rewards of good judgement.

I am a shoulder to cry on, when my precious daughter feels the touch of sadness, hurt, and emotional pain.

I am a clown, free to resort to all silliness in the amusement of my daughter.

I am the rock, the constant, the one that will always be there, regardless of hardships and circumstances.

I am a gentleman, for all the tea parties, dress-ups, and dances I will attend.

I am made of money, or I should expect to be, if my parents' statements to me in childhood were accurate.

I am a friend, a confidence, a shoulder to lean on.

I am wrapped around her finger, and always will be, to my surprising delight and enjoyment.

I am to be feared, as any boy coming to take my daughter out will discover.

I am an endless supply of love, for which I hope my daughter will still feel long after I am gone.

I am a dad. I am a father.

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