Monday, July 27, 2009

Teething Monday!

Guess who just cut a new tooth! That's right! Savi cut her THIRD tooth today! Pretty big deal for us, because it's been months since she cut her first two teeth, the bottom fronts. One of the upper front teeth cut a couple days ago. Brit noticed it first, so we're very excited!
We are pointing to everything now!


I was called into work today, but due to lack of babysitter options, I had to tell them I couldn't make it. Such is the life when you stay at home with your little ones! We've had a pretty good morning, eating a breakfast of oatmeal and apples, then spaghetti for lunch, with a real banana as dessert.

We already took a 2-hour nap this morning, and it looks as if she's going to be down for another long one. Maybe it's the unrelenting rain and thunderstorms here. Going to be a very relaxing day today, I can feel it.

She found the kitty!

We can sit down from a standing position!

Before I close up this post, head over to and say some prayers for Stellan. He is in an ongoing state of SVT, and it's a constant battle forced upon his tiny little body.

Today, MckMama posted that they called in all family and friends. I work in a Neonatal ICU, so when you call for all family to come to the hospital, that's never a good sign. Usually there's a fear that it's time for good-bye. I cannot even imagine what that feels like. If Savi went through anything like that, it would tear my heart apart.

So, head over and say a prayer for little Stellan. It looks like he's headed off to Boston. I'm assuming to the Children's hospital there, which happens to be Harvard Medical School's primary pediatric teaching if that's the hospital, then it's cutting edge.

Happy Monday!

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Amy said...

Savi is just adorable! I'll bet she and Meleah have the exact same toothy grin right now, too!

I love your new site! I'm putting you in my reader right now!

Yes, mine was in a black hole for awhile, lol. I was away at youth church camp, and something happened to it. It's all good now.