Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Visit to my Parent's Property

My parents just recently bought some acreage about 30 miles north of us. It's a beautiful piece of land with giant oaks and a very dense, but trail engraved wooded area. The air smells fresh with a hint of cedar, which also are scattered densely on the property. There is a spring-fed stock pond full of perch and catfish. It's beautiful.

Yesterday, Brittany and I went out with Savi because Brit had not seen the property yet. My parents were already out there working, clearing some trees and brush . We stayed for about an hour, but because it was a blistering heat, we couldn't stay as long as we would have liked.

Before we left, I was able to climb one of the oak trees, which we are guessing is anywhere from 60 to 70 years old. I also got to test out the new riding lawn mower, which is an absolute need since they will be mowing about 2.5 acres of grassy area.

You'll notice a lot of dirt because they have already had the land cleared for where their house will be. They also had a guy come and clear off a bunch of the land, getting rid of tons of brush and undergrowth, as well as several larger trees that are going to be in the way of building.

While Brittany, Savi, and I were outside exploring, my dad pointed us to some blackberry bushes they found, which I took the opportunity to eat! Fresh blackberries are so sweet! Doesn't get any better than that.

We also managed to find some miniature donkeys in the neighboring property. They were very friendly! One of them hee-hawed at me quite a bit, but it wasn't anything other than wanting attention. Savi was scared though, so while I brought her back, Brittany went up to them and was able to pet them!

Here are some pictures of Savi and Mommy waiting for daddy to get back in the car!

And here are my parents, the proud property owners. I'm sure they would both want me to state that they had already been out there working for several hours, and it was HOT@!

TODAY, I went out again to the property with my dad and brother to clear some more area out. It was my first time to actually go out there and work, not just visit. Using a chainsaw for the first time, I helped cut down trees and underbrush that was choking up areas that needed clearing.

It was a lot of work, but we managed to get most of what we wanted done. After about 5 hours of work, I cam back home sweaty, covered in dirt, and completely exhausted. That is where you find me now, about 20 minutes after my much needed shower, typing this post.

Looking forward to going out there to help out some more!

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