Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Dress and Dominoes

Today brings us a couple topics to write about. First, Kelly's Corner has everyone putting up their wedding dress pictures. Only one problem. I didn't wear a wedding dress, I wore a tux. So, I'll be putting up pictures of my wife's wedding dress. I know she is participating in this as well, so if you see both our sites with similar pictures...that's why!

What I loved about my wife's dress was how elegant and classy it was. Sheer and smooth from head to toe, I don't think she could have worn a prettier dress. Of course, I'll be honest...I wasn't looking at her dress too much during the ceremony. I was too awe struck looking into my wife's eyes realizing I was going to have her heart for the rest of my life. Only until the reception did I actually notice how stunning the dress was!

I like seeing her cute little toes in this one!


And we're off!

That was the greatest day of my life. Our little Savi being born is pretty much side by side, though.

Today, Savi and I did alot of playing. Where as Tuesday we were walking and crawling a lot, today we were working on placing objects into containers, catching and rolling balls, and saying different words.

Here's our little one's vocabulary thus far:
  • Da-da or Da-dee - Daddy/Dada
  • Ma-Ma or Ba-ba - Mama
  • Duh - Duck
  • Yeeeee! - Yay!
  • Uh-ah - Uh oh
  • Heeeee! - Hi
There might be more but we just haven't discovered them yet :D

After a great day with my baby girl, sis-in-law watched Savi for us while we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I saw it on a pre-screening, but I wanted to see it again with Brit. At the end, I asked her if that wasn't just the best move ever! She replied, 'It was good, but Devil Wears Prada was better'. Go figure.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Feel free to check out my most recent posts:

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She grabbed the camera! Look at me daddy!

We like our dominoes.

The toy collection...part of it.

More dominoe fascination

Early morning sunlight!

Right before we ate the dominoe.

What I can do with this fist...


Karissa said...

LOL. I need to change my blog title - it sux we have the same initials as them.

I love your wife's dress and your daughter is just adorable!

Ruthie said...

Thanks for the comment over at my blog. Your wife's dress IS beautiful, as is she. And your daughter is Adorable! Oh, I just love the sparklers, what a great idea!

Kubin's said...

What a husband! Nice post! Your wife is beautiful. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I love the bluebonnets!

Lyndsey said...

what a sweet husband to post about your wife's dress! its neat to hear a guy's point of view! she's a lucky girl and y'alls sweet baby is precious!

Kristen said...

I love the dress! Your wife looks gorgeous in all the pictures!
And your daughter is precious!

Mara said...

What a gorgeous gown. Simple and beautiful. I love it!
And I am a big fan of your blog. Your daughter is such a cuite pie!
Here is a picture of our Audrey.!.html

Susan said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I love your wife's dress!

Laura and Ryan said...

I love your wife's dress...I also love your site. Thank you for the comment about my husband and his groomsmen dropping their pants. He is so proud.

Amy G said...

I love her dress and your little girl is just so cute! Good job!

Amy said...

Ah! Every time I see Savi's grin, I just have to smile. She is so adorable... and all of that hair! So cute.

And, Brittany's wedding dress is fabulous. Very classy.

sarah m said...

Your wife and daughter are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)