Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wedding Shower

This week, at Kelly's Korner, everyone is showing off their wedding showers and wedding shower ideas. Sad to say, when you are a dad that participates in a mom blogger dominated community, certain topics that get covered leave you a little in the dust. Nevertheless, I won't let that deter me, as I have some of my wife's wedding shower pics to post!

Also, since she has been so busy this week, she herself has not had the time to do this post, so I'm not sure if she will get around to doing it at all. For those of you that find yourselves reading this blog by route of her site, welcome, and enjoy her pics!

The wedding shower was hosted at her friend Nancy's house, and almost all family and close friends were invited. Being right around Easter, it was the perfect Spring Wedding Shower!
(Sorry if the photos come out a little blurry, I had to yank them off Brit's facebook, then reload them onto blogger.)

Brittany & Marissa (her sister) in line for the food!

Cake and snacks!

More cake...mmmm.

Brittany and my mom.


Brittany and Marissa

All the fun wedding shower games!

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Kristin said...

You go Dad! Don't be afraid! Thanks for coming over to my blog yesterday and well wishes in our new adventure. We are planning on keeping for a long time, no flipping for us.