Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swimming with Daddy!

So, last Friday Savi and I went swimming. We had so much fun! Here are a few pics from our outting. Poor mommy was at work while we were soaking up the sun and splashing in the cool, crystal clear pool! So, refreshing! Sorry honey, we'll wait for ya next time!

Here is a pic of our baby girl drinking her afternoon snack of milk while watching some Baby Einstein.

Savannah has recently started cutting more teeth, and she is getting really fussy. Poor baby. The first three teeth didn't cause her any problems, but now she's just miserable. We have some baby tylenol and some baby orajel that seems to be helping. We are also using the frozen teething rings, which seem to provide some temporary relief. Any of you moms and dads out there have any other remedies that might help our baby girl?

Not Me!

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I did not discover a new route to work this week, taking a toll bridge over a beautiful lake that sheds nearly 10 minutes off my drive. I hit the lake at sunrise and sunset going to and from work. It's now a very nice drive!

I did not get poison ivy a couple weekends ago. And it is not still on my arm after two weeks. Grrrr.

And finally, I am not putting off laundry so I can write several other posts for some of my other blogs. Priorities, I tell myself, priorities...


King J's Queen said...

Our daughter used to gnaw on her baby toothbrush, and sometimes a not-quite-frozen washcloth for chewing helps. The dentist ok'd both for her at the time. Good luck with the teething!

alang said...

Ok, the best thing ever, they are called Hyland's Teething Tablets, they are 100% natural tablets that dissolve instantly in their mouths. I heard Orajel isn't good to use because it make their gums tougher for the teeth to come and for heaven sake it taste horrible!! I believe there is another brand also that makes the tablets it is the same company that makes "Little Noises", "Little Tummies" etc. I hope all of this helps.